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Let’s grow Australia’s social economy

In a world that is both increasingly interconnected and values-conscious, new forms of opportunity can be found for those who are tuning in. The new economy is one where ‘social’, ‘environmental’ and ‘commercial’ imperatives are intimately intertwined. We know this as the social economy. Seeing and capitalising on these opportunities requires new frames on value creation, and new forms of enterprise and collaboration. Social Capital’s movement has grown to more than 800 purpose-driven organisations and individuals.

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The 2017 Social Capital Conference

The 2017 Social Capital Conference is just around the corner. We are excited to be hosting speakers, facilitators and entrepreneurs with global expertise and experience in social enterprise, innovation and impact. Join us for a day and evening of exploring how we can grow the social economy through talks, interactive Q&As and hands-on workshops is followed by a more intimate evening event where we get to meet some of the rising stars of social enterprise in South Australia.

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